After the Armistice

November 20, 1918

Excerpts from the diary of Green Howards soldier, Stanley Harrison, spanning Armistice day 1918 to the first peacetime Christmas for four years.

Wed. 20th Nov. Ashore all morning. 12 mile route march. More Prussianism. Trans-shipped to sister-ship to Traz-os-Montes – “Huntsend” after tea. Much better boat. Cleaner quarters and better conditions. Prospect of better grub. Quarters painted white, 18 & 22 to a table. Everything better than the Traz, but less room. Hardly room to move. HANG Russia now war is over & give me Blighty. Everything upside down tonight. Feed at cookhouse. Fine issue 2 white blankets. Regular box up. Changing quarters tomorrow. New boat has taken Yankees, Canadians & Russian Jews ex London to Russia. 5 days trip. New Captain of boat is Boss, and will have no parades. Grand. 3 bags mails aboard. Hurrah! Expect sailing tomorrow night. Transports smashed in transferring. Crew 190. Crew cook our food. Better managed than Traz-os-Montes. Fed up with these officers. Last day in Kirkwall and not allowed to fall out. 13th dismissed. Mutiny expected. Rumours of dumping kits. Waiting for the ball to roll and then –

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