After the Armistice

December 14, 1918

Excerpts from the diary of Green Howards soldier, Stanley Harrison, spanning Armistice day 1918 to the first peacetime Christmas for four years.

Dec. 14th Went to PICTURES. Very good. All nationalities present. Grand piano in full swing. Selection Maid of Mountains and several other of my favourites. Films good but only saw two. Nurses of Q.A.I.N.S. present. Hut only small but very comfy. Brilliantly illuminated. Fingers ached for a “tune”. Gramophone finds its way into “our” hut. Umpteen records and M of M included. Majority of fellows fail to appreciate such music. Prefer ragtime. Destiny Waltz makes me want to dance. Oh for a dance at the YM-N. Issue usual “tobac”. Visited YM. Lovely moonlight night. Ruskis ask “tobac rouble”. Another mail in. Hurrah.

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