Strategy and policy

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Green Howards Museum is:

    • To promote an understanding of the role played by the Green Howards and the Yorkshire Regiment in world events and the personal experiences of members of both regiments in times of conflict and peace.
    • To collect, document, preserve and exhibit material relevant to the Green Howards and the Yorkshire Regiment for the benefit of the general public.
    • To be the spiritual home of the Green Howards for ex Green Howards and their families.

Our Vision

We will be the best county regimental museum in the country- setting the quality standard for interpretation, audience engagement and access to collections.

Our Mission

We use our collections to stimulate and inspire so that diverse audiences understand and value the role of the Green Howards and the Yorkshire Regiment in national and world events.

Our Values

We InspireOur objects are connected to incredible personal stories of bravery, friendship and determination and tell us all what we are all capable of achieving.  We will commit resources to share the information we hold so that we can inspire and create lasting memories for learners of all ages.
We EnableWe believe that our museum is relevant to a diverse audience. Some people have a natural affinity with our subject matter and some struggle to see its relevance. We think it is important to enable as many people as possible to feel that visiting our museum or using our services such as attending an event, would be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.
We RememberOur museum is a memorial to those who served with the Green Howards and the Yorkshire Regiment. We will collect their memories and personal belongings so that we can celebrate their lives. We do this to support remembrance for the Regiment and for the wider community.
We PreserveWe are the guardians of the collective memory of the Green Howards and the Yorkshire Regiment. We will care and manage the Collection we hold so that it is available for future generations to enjoy. We will be constantly mindful of the need to generate income so that we can continue to undertake this task.