April 15, 1688

The regiment was raised in November 1688 by Colonel Francis Luttrell at Dunster Castle in Somerset, for service under William, Prince of Orange.


April 15, 1744

It was during the Wars of the Austrian Succession, that the Regiment first became known as ‘The Green Howards’.

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April 15, 1782

The regiment was granted the title of ‘The 19th (First Yorkshire North Riding Regiment) of Foot’ on returning from the American War of Independence.

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April 15, 1875

The Princess of Wales, then Princess Alexandra of Denmark, and later Queen Alexandra, presented the regiment with new Colours to replace those carried throughout the Crimean War.

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April 21, 1881

The name of the regiment was altered to ‘The Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment)’.


April 21, 1902

Following The Boer War the name was changed once more from ‘The Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment)’ to ‘Alexandra, Princess of Wales’ Own Yorkshire Regiment’.


April 21, 1914

Queen Alexandra became Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment in 1914.  Her daughter married Prince Carl of Denmark, later King Haakon VII of Norway, who in 1942 became Colonel-in-Chief. 

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April 21, 1920

The regiment became ‘The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales’ Own Yorkshire Regiment)’.


April 21, 2006

The regiment was disbanded.  In 2006, The Green Howards were amalgamated with the Prince of Wales’ Own Regiment of Yorkshire and the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

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April 21, 2012

On 5 July 2012, the Secretary of state for Defence announced a reduction in five regular infantry battalions by 2016, requiring the 2nd battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards) to be removed from the Order of Battle.

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