In Job’s footsteps

It’s great to meet the relatives of soldiers who served with the regiment. Some of them go back a long way!

Last month, we welcomed families with a connection to Yorkshire Regiment servicemen involved in the Russian Civil War to view the Hostile Environment exhibition. This new special exhibition features two diaries kept by soldiers who were there; their thoughts and observations add so much to the history of the events we cover.

Most recently we’ve been able to share the magnificent diary belonging to Victorian soldier, Job Waterhouse, with his great great grandson, Matthew.

Job was born in 1845 and joined the 19th Regiment of Foot (as the regiment was known at the time) on the North West Frontier. This involved a six month journey from England. In the diary, which spans a four year period between 1864 and 1870, Job writes about his travels and talks about his life as a soldier.

Matthew was instrumental in bringing the diary into the museum’s collection. 24 years ago he was an apprentice electrician doing some work at the home of Brigadier John Powell, who served with the Green Howards. Matthew went home and told his Dad, who made the connection with the 19th Regiment. Following further conversations with John, the family decided to place the diary into the hands of the museum.

It was great to see Matthew reacquainted with the diary after nearly a quarter of a century.

Job’s diary is currently stored in the museum archive, but will feature in our new ‘Treasures in Store’ display later this year.