Warm words

And the results are in!  If you visited our 2019 special exhibition; Hostile Environment: The British in Russia 1918 to 1920, we asked you to complete a feedback from.

Throughout the six month exhibition, more than 5000 people came to see it and we were delighted with the comments posted into the feedback box.

In particular, we loved the fact that you thought the exhibition brought you new knowledge. The individual stories of those involved also proved popular with visitors who enjoyed our ‘personnel files’.  More than 200 people visited on more than one occasion; taking advantage of the unlimited repeat visits that museum admission gives.

The exhibition was the first to feature objects on display borrowed from national institutions, thanks to support from the Weston Loan with Art Fund.

For the museum team, the exhibition exceeded our expectations in one particular and unexpected way.  It brought us into contact with the families of some of the soldiers who served.  In some cases this has enabled us to add to the knowledge we already had about those soldiers from a century ago, but in other cases it has led to us being introduced to some completely new personalities who were involved in this often overlooked campaign.

We’ve made some plans about how we can share those new stories, and will have some exciting news about that early in the new year.