Time to shine

A new object has been added to our special exhibition; injecting an extra bit of sparkle as Treasures in Store draws to a close.

The yellow gold and platinum ‘sweetheart’ brooch features 46 cut diamonds and two pink sapphires. It was left to the museum by Lt Col Paddy G M Bulfin who served with the Green Howards between 1925 and 1950.

Since 1981 the brooch has been worn by the wives of the regiment’s senior officers. More recently it has been available for the wife of the Chair of the Green Howards Association to wear at official functions and on special occasions.

“Soldiers often gave their loved ones brooches as a sentimental token,” explains Museum Director and Curator, Lynda Powell.

“There are several versions, slightly more humble than this one, also on display in the museum. They all feature the famous regimental cap badge, but this is by far the most twinkly version in the museum collection. It is on display for the first time as part of our special exhibition, Treasures in Store.”

Paddy Bulfin left the brooch to the museum when he died.

Bulfin served in Palestine, Shanghai and, during the Second World War in Norway, where he was awarded their Military Cross as well as in Sicily, mainland Italy and, after the war, in Malaya.

Museum visitors can see his medals on display in the Medal Room. Find out more about Bulfin here.

SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Treasures in Store. Until 23 December 2021

The secret life of a museum, uncovered, revealed, and unwrapped.

Our stores are a quiet, hidden world where objects sit, carefully cocooned, catalogued and concealed behind the scenes, waiting for their time to shine.

From the spoils of war, plundered pieces and sentimental mementos to regulation kit, equipment and official logs and lists, plus intensely personal possessions, it’s all here.

This special exhibition puts the spotlight on objects from our collection which have rarely been on display.

It’s their time to step out of the shadows as we explore their stories and their journey into our care. We meet the dedicated collectors from the regiment’s past and wonder what, in our digital, throwaway age, might be the prize museum piece of the future.


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