Research update

If you are planning to research your service relative, we usually advise the best place to start is by getting hold of their service record.

For soldiers who served after 1922, this means contacting the Ministry of Defence (MOD), as soldier’s information is held by them. Unfortunately, due to Covid, their service is experiencing a massive backlog, with the MOD advising of delays of up to a year in processing requests. And they aren’t looking at any new requests until they’ve got to grips with the existing backlog.

With this in mind, we suggest two things:

  1. Start your research now. It’s not going to be a speedy process. Get your request for information in now. It’s the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Sicily next year, and we know that key anniversaries result in a spike of interest in family history research.
  2. Read our updated guidance. We have changed our research service processes to try to mitigate the problems caused by the MOD delays. It’s now a two-part process, but with only one charge. We will provide initial information, where it is available to us, when you make your request, then complete the research once you have received the service record from the MOD and get back in touch with us.