Oldfield letter: 7.12.42

SANDSEND                                                                               OLDFIELD J.B. CAPT
Letter No. 25.                                                                            7. Dec. 42

My dearest Mum, Daddy & Jumbo – the latest letter I have had from you was written on 29. Oct. 42 acknowledging my P.C. of 28 Sept – hope by now you may have had all the letters I’ve written. I will get my summary of various “wants” off my chest – 2 pipes – O.R. Tobacco Pouch – Corduroys – Relief Fountain Pen – Waistcoat – coloured stocks and hankies. Paints wh. I should be v. grateful for, can be sent through and by Windsor & Newtons – they send a special P.O.W. set, which saves room in a Next of Kin Parcel. No parcels yet of any kind but am hoping for some v. soon as I know they’re on their way. By the way re. letters form yr. end – one letter per person per week is the form and v. welcome they are too. I sent you a greetings cable through the Vatican that I hope may reach you by Christmas – and I also hope to be able to send you one or two photographs soon, incidentally, don’t forget to send me all the photographs you can. I wonder if you can send me a records parcel with some Carroll Gibbons as there are plenty of gramophones but not so many records. Hope badger and her family are well. I am getting plenty – quite plenty – of practice on my violin ! I am fit and well, and am more than pleased to have such good news of all the family – inc. the Bun. Godbless all love to you, Johnnie