Oldfield letter: 4.8.42


(A quick note for context for this one.  Messages from Prisoners of War were broadcast from the Vatican.  It seems Gladys Gough was working for the Apostolic Delegation, heard the message and wanted to let John’s parents know what the message said.  In return, she asks for stamps to enable her to continue notifying the families of those prisoners sending messages.  The bracketed note at the very end shows that Mr Oldfield did indeed send stamps, and a donation.)

Windrush, Wayside, Chipperfield, Herts.
August 4th
Dear Mr. Oldfield,
A message was broadcast this morning from the Vatican, and it was for you. Just incase you did not hear it I am sending it onto you.
“In good health love and best wishes to family relatives and friends.” Capt. John B.Oldfield P 77623 Camp 35, Military Post 3400 ITALY

The boys say they are being well – treated and that they welcome parcels of warm Winter clothing, books, toilet articles etc. , which you can send through the Red Cross. The reply to this message you can send through the Apostolic Delegation, 54, Parkside, London. SW.
Yours very sincerely,
(Vatican war enquiry dept, 11. Cavendish Square London W1. Gladys Gough)

PS. I should be most grateful if when you write you would very kindly enclose a stamp so that some other mother may receive news of her boy.
Thank you G.G.
(Sent stamps + 10/6 donation to Apostolic Delegation )