Oldfield letter: 31.8.42

SANDSEND.                                                   OLDFIELD. J.B. CAPT.
NR. WHITBY.                                                  CAMPO CONCENTRAMENTO P.G.N. 35 P.M.3400

Letter No.13 August. 31. 42.

My dearest Mum, Daddy & Jumbo, More letters to thank you for – Joy undefined! 2 from you Mum dated 5 & 8 august, 2 from Daddy July 7 Aug 5, 3 from Jumbo July 12, aug 6 and 9 and one from Mary – July 8. Making my total a splendid 12 ! Thank you so much for them, yr. news and reassuring remarks about pencils, tobacco and cigs on the way – bless you. I am really v. proud of your immediate and accurate reactions in the way of supplying what’s wanted. Afraid from what you say many of my letters have gone astray – but am numbering them all and feel sure they will turn up, they include the most intimate details of things I want wh. I will give you a few lines of the most important again – CORDUROYS, BROGUE SHOES, FISHERMAN’S JERSEY, COUPLE OF GOOD PIPES, A BLACK RELIEF fountain pen and a few more things. Probably my letters with these reqst. In arrived after you sent the parcel so don’t worry if can send them in the next one. Anyway! I know you’ll send all that I want – you always do. Yes this is the camp you read about in the Red X paper. Glad you have seen late Sgt. Watson – capital fellow and did me v. well. Have written a P.C. to the General c/o the W.O. Gildroyd is a P.O.W. definitely. My love to Mike Lacy and Bun. Please tell M. I am writing, all love to you all. Johnnie