Oldfield letter: 31.12.39

W.A. Oldfield Esq.
Sandsend. Headquarters.
Nr. Whitby 5th Division.
Yorks B.E.F.
December . 31. 39.

My dear Mum, Daddy & Jum.

Thank you all very much for your letters and the fore-raft (forage cap) which came the night before last – I was sorry to bother you about it. Also Daddy for your letter about the No – Name Tobacco which will be grand and thank you so much for getting me such a good supply. Tobacco has been very hard to come by lately owing I suppose to the Christmas rush so that it will be v. acceptable indeed.
It was grand to hear all your news and that your all in good heart and the ‘oss and dawgs are all well – I’m sorry Jill is having trouble with Canker, but badger used to get it a bit too didn’t she ? The hounds seem to be going from strength to strength and 10 foxes to date is a jolly good effort and I’m very glad for Bob.

[page 2] I had a very nice letter from Aunty S. who said they were all over for the weekend at Sandsend and had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and that you were all very well.

I hope Paddy (Nugent) is fit again – he sent me a Christmas card which was very nice of him. I’m afraid I have sent hardly any myself but they were so difficult to get hold of, and we had not made any arrangements for ones of our own as we really didn’t know until very late where we would spend Christmas.

I haven’t seen Derry or any of the others again since I last wrote but am hoping to very soon. I saw Colin Mackenzie (he was the King’s Page at his wedding) in the Field Cashiers during the week and had a few words with him and James Waterhouse!

To- day the men are celebrating their New Year as of course they missed it at Christmas – most of them having only just arrived, and we have just come back from seeing them eating it. About 200 of them in a long low barn on two long tables and vast bottle of beer in front of each of them.

[page 3] While the N.C.Os and Warrant Officers waited on them! The place was very nicely decorated and they were all having the whale of a time. Cunningham the Camp Commandant – who is responsible for them all and arranged this dinner was hardly allowed to leave.

‘Pepper’ leaves us very soon for another job – I’m sorry to say, as he is great fun and very good value – though his fat little Mrs. will be glad to have him back I expect.

Well my dears, there doesn’t seem a lot of news, every day is much the same. I nearly forgot to tell you that Sir Samuel Hoare and Lord Hankey visited this area yesterday but the General took Gerald Burnley this time to meet them. Tho I’m afraid I missed Neville Chamberlain too as no A.D.Cs went on that parts as I know.

Well dears, if I don’t stop I shall not get this off in time. With all love and best wished for the New Year and I hope a better one !
Yrs Ever
The socks are excellent and if you have another pair I should be very pleased to have them – if they can be spared.