Oldfield letter: 30.6.41

W.A Oldfield Esq J.P “C” Company,
Sandsend, 5th Bt, The Green Howards,
Near Whitby, Winscombe
Yorks Som.
My dear Mum and daddy,
Well, I hope I shall be able to get a longer letter written to you to-night – just come back from yet another scheme – this time only on Bn. One just for the day so it seemed a holiday after the last one. It is rumored that this is the last Bn. Scheme we are to do wh. Seems a bit significant, and what with one thing and another it seems possible there is something in the air. But one never knows and it may just be
2, wind, but I do feel if and when we go it will be very sudden. I too feel very sad that although I am still in England I cant get home, but if after all, this a false alarm there may be more leave. In any case it’s a thing that we can’t do anything about, but how I wd. Love a few days at home again. As soon as I hear anything more definite I will you know.
As a matter for fact I have just been across trying to telephone you but was told Only Priority Calls were being accepted and was advised to try again about 10pm. Wh. I shall do and hope I may get through again.
3, well I must tell you all about the scheme, wh. Should have lasted from Thursday to Saturday afternoon, but owing to a variety of hitches dragged on until Sunday evening. In all, that is from Thursday evening to Noon Saturday, we advanced 50 miles on our flat feet and were fit to fight at the end, so our training must have hardened us up more than we ever thought. Thursday was not remarkable in anyway, being a move from here to the area of Porlock by M.T- until the evening when we marched about 9 miles to some woods where we lay down with our ground – sheets and blankets until 4am. When we had breakfast and
4, began the big push. From then onwards we advanced almost continuously until 7 that night – the night being spent by polishing until we moved on at about 6am. For the final advance – the whole show ending at about 12 on Saturday somewhere on the moors way up above Lynton, where the troop carrying busses should have met us. However, they were not there and the snow began falling so fast that tracks in the snow were covered in a few minutes and the cold was intense, to cut a long story short , we waited up there until 6pm absolutely ‘nethered’ , until we eventually marched 3 miles to Lynton.
5, where billets and food were arranged by a most hospitable company stationed there. The busses failed to arrive owing to getting stuck on Porlock hill with the snow, and eventually arrived the following morning, after we had spend a most comfortable night in the local Hotel with a hot bath and more important even – a bed. We eventually arrived home for tea on Sunday, and strangely enough felt fitter than when we set out, perhaps due to the sleep on the previous night.
As a result, the weekend was gone and our break with it so there seems no end to this energy ! Nothing very
6, noteworthy has happened since, except David Mitchell and Rosemary (nee Pyman) came in on Sunday night and stayed for Dinner. I should have been dining with them last night but there was a lecture wh. Lasted until nearly 8pm so had to call it off. I am very fond of them and they are an awfully nice couple. On Tuesday night I had dinner with Will Lacey and his wife and then we went on to our dance for sports kit wh. went well. But did not clear all that much – However D.V. we may have another one.
Sorry to hear the Bosche
7, has been visiting your part of the country again and hope he has done no damage, the B. Take care of yourselves, both of you.
I’m sure your ‘dawgs’ must be a problem to you Mum and I wish I could take Badger to ease the situation, but until the present rumour either subsides or materializes I don’t like to have her down, but I promise I’l let you know all the news as soon as I get a line on the form.
Incidentally, I have sacked Tattersall as I discovered that name is not enough and he was getting v. idle. I have now got fellow called Baxter who claims to have been
8, a footman of Lord Londonderry but doesn’t appear to have learnt a great deal. He’s on appro. only, and I hope to be able to take him out in any case he is excellent in the mess and will do for the time being.
Before I forget, I wonder if you could send me my photo-case, a brown pig – skin one with family snaps, mostly mounted on horses. Also my Palestine Photo Album wh. I will return.
Thank you again so much for your long letters and all your news – I love hearing from you and you must never think when I do
9, not write it is idleness ! But there is so much to do these days.
Will write again very soon and so until then Godbless and much love,
Yours ever