Oldfield letter: 30.11.42

A note on the letters. The transcripts may include abbreviations or spelling inconsistencies and errors. We have chosen to transcribe the letters as they appear so that they are an accurate reflection of John Oldfield’s style and personality. We have also included his original page numbering. Where language is used that we would deem offensive, those words have been replaced with XXX.

SANDSEND.                                                                 OLDFIELD. J.B. CAPT.
NR. WHITBY.                                                                P.G.N.35. P.M.3400
Letter No. 24.                                                               30. Nov. 42

My dear Mum, Daddy & Jumbo, – so good to have your letters No 14 to-day saying you have at last had another letter – the same week I wrote to H.E.F I hope all the missing ones may turn up. Briefly my wants are – 2 pipes – O.R. Tobacco Pouch – Corduroys – Relief Fountain Pen – Black Passé Par tout – stocks – coloured hankies – waistcoat – Furlined Bedroom Slippers – and some choccys! Paints too – wh. I should like v. much may be sent by Windsor & Newton – special P.O.W. set which they send so that wd. Avoid using up space in N. of K. parcel. So far I have not received any parcels but expect to any time I am greatly looking forward to them all. Thank you all so much for all your trouble. The warm clothing, coloured blanket, cigs and tobacco will all be welcome. Please thank people for writing – it makes a tremendous difference – One letter per person per week is the style. I have heard from your Mary – whom I have written – Alison, Lt. Col. Maynard – Cynthia and Anne. Please let Alison and Anne know I got some of their letters and that I’ve been writing to them! So v. sorry to hear of Mrs Tuiley’s death. I get plenty – occasionally a bit too much – violin playing. Please congratulate my little Badger for me. Don’t forget to send photographs. Excuse v. disjointed letter – Godbless and my love and all best wishes for Christmas & New year. Johnnie.