Oldfield letter: 3.8.41

1997-37-7-4-5 No. 9

Capt. J. B. Oldfield
C. Company,
5th Btn. The Green Howards
Middle East Force
August. 3. 41.

My dear Mum and Daddy,
Just a line to let you know I have had some more letters from you and an airmail card posted on July 13 which arrived on July 31st the quickest yet and I was so very pleased to have it and to know that you have had my airpaper letters. Lately I have been sending them by airmail letter cards which I thought might be quicker – so you must let me know which are the best. V. glad to hear you are all well and the farm is going strong – also new weapons week. Had my first game of cricket yesterday for little a Btn. Team – my first on a neat wicket. And much to my astonishment made 56 out of 124, 2 x 6, 9 x 4, 3 x 2, 2 x 1. Actually I had to do summat as I let 31 byes past! Feeling very fit and enjoying life tremendously.
Godbless and love to you,
Yours Johnnie.


Near Whitby.