Oldfield letter: 27.10.38


Mrs W. A. Oldfield
Sandsend, NABLUS
Nr. Whitby Palestine
Yorkshire ENGLAND

My dearest Mum, Daddy, & Jum.

Thank you all again for your letters – it’s grand hearing from you all and makes the hell of a difference. I’m only sorry you don’t seem to be getting all my letters – so that you can check up – I wrote one from the ship )posted at Haipa, one on arriving here, two more last weekend, and I think one more sometime during that period. I hope you’ll get them all soon. Anyway, I thought I’d drop you another line now, first to keep you all up to date,.

This week so far had been reasonably quiet – T.W. – and for two days we had nothing to do. Then yesterday afternoon I was ordered out

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with my Platoon to make a day patrol of about 7 mls – search some orange groves near a village, and come back. All we came across was pair of army boots and a water bottle belonging to a Scots guardsman, hidden in a sack under some rubbish. Not exactly what we were out after, but anyway we didn’t come back empty handed ! and that I’m afraid is about all the news I can give you.

We are still in the same billets, although we had practically started moving into some more to-day, when everything was cancelled again. How are we going to take over something that the Leicester’s are leaving .

I’ve just had a rather good bath down here at the Mess – the second since I arrived – am feeling much better for it.
You must be terribly busy with Bid’s wedding preparations, I do wish I could be there for it, but under the circumstances hardly like to ask for leave even if I could get home at all reasonably.

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Bunsin sounds in great form again, and I hope he carries you well. Give me any news of the hunting you can and how Bill Ansell is shaping.

Yes – It’s a relief to know my case is at Karachi – or rather on it’s return journey to Malta – and I hope I shall get it sent on to me here soon. As a matter of fact – the loss of my mufti doesn’t matter much here as we are in Khaki Drill the whole time.

Well – dears – I must stop now as it’s almost time for mess. Will write a longer letter and answer the questions in your letters on Saturday.
All my love to you –
Yours Ever

There is a note on the envelope for this letter which reads: If you notice anything John should not have said please “forget” it.