Oldfield letter: 25.12.39

This is actually a letter written on Christmas Day by Derry Radcliffe to John Oldfield’s mother.

Please return to:
Mrs. Oldfield,
Whitby Yorks
25th . Dec ‘39
My dear Mrs. Oldfield,
The parcel of socks and sweets arrived a day or two ago. They are absolutely grand and thank you most awfully. It is really terribly kind of you. John and the old man came round to see us yesterday morning. John was looking terribly well and was extremely cheerful. He was to have come to tea but the old decided against it owing to the fog, which was extremely bad. In face for the last few days we’ve been having very thick fog and sharp frosts – ‘ Seasonable weather for the B E F’ as you’ve no doubt read in the papers !
I must end now as I’ve got to go and watch the troops having their Christmas dinner. A very happy new year to you all.
Love Derry
Derry Radcliffe