Oldfield letter: 25.12.39

1997-37-7-4-9 Headquarters

Letter to W.A Oldfield Esq.

No 5
Christmas day.
My dear Mum, Daddy & Jum,
Just a line to let you that I saw Derry and most of the others yesterday – all were in great heart and it was awfully nice to see them again. Robin ( Colonel Robinson. Commanding the Green Howards.) Has gone home on compassionate leave for 10 days as his father is dangerously ill evidently, I wonder if you saw in the paper that there was to be a Palestine medal, which is rather a good show.
Yesterday, I got 100 players from Joe and another 100 from Ruby & Frida and a card from Richard & Mary am really doing very well as far as that goes.
I am just off to a service in about 10 minutes then Gerry Verney and I are going into the town to get some Champagne for to-night. The thought of Christmas dinner just about turns me over as last night I was sick as a ‘dog’- for no apparent reason as I had only one drink all evening I think it must be the water or something I ate.
Sorry this latter is so dull, but it’s just a note to wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for 1940-
All Love and GodBless,
Yours Ever-

They all send their love to you.

J.B. Oldfield.