Oldfield letter: 25.1.40

5th Division
Jan. 25th. 40.

My dear Mum, Daddy & Jum –

Thank you for your letters – it seems a long time since I last wrote but nothing very interesting seems to have happened to tell you – all the same. I expect you’re all tired of hearing of the cold and actually it’s milder to-night than it’s been for some while, though it’s still pretty cold for the trotters, and mine are – at the moment. blossoming out in chilblains in spite of fisherman’s stockings and everything else. Everywhere else I manage to keep pretty warm. Though I’m sleeping in reasonably civilized bed – I use my flea – bag and it makes all the difference.

As I say absolutely damn all has happened since I last wrote – except last night we went to see – officially the

[Page 2] Gala performance of “ The Lion has Wings” – French version, which in parts is slightly different from the English, and so I was glad I’d seen it in England before I left. There was lots of flag – wagging and national antheming and very Entente Cordiale. It was really a very good show and we thoroughly enjoyed it, except for an incredibly bad short flick about The Seaforths, in which they had a bevvy of chorus girls dressed up in uniform mounting the Guard at the Palace, and wasn’t really a very good thing to show a lot of Generals.

You say in your letter Daddy that Bill Ansell is giving up, that doesn’t mean the pack won’t carry on, will it ? It’s very disappointing all this frost and snow stopping hunting – particularly wh. they were showing such good sport.

I heard from Peter to – day who seems a bit browned off after having a very good leave – he’s a good

[Page 3] distance from here but we’re trying to fix up a quiet celebration sometime soon. I hope we shall be able to find something to celebrate by then.

Cameron is very pleased with his socks and makes quite a good servant, honest as the day but a bit on the simple side he throws one imperial blind per month, and I never see him for about 24 hours. and then up he pops. We don’t refer to it at all ! as he never touches a drop for the other 27 days and is really very good. Pluf Macbeth is still as very fatherly and confidential ; they’re queer old fellows.

Well, dears, it’s getting late and high time I was abed. Do write when you can –
All Love,
Yours Ever