Oldfield letter: 23.12.39

1997-37-7-4-10 Headquarters, 5th Division. B.E.F

To Mrs and Mrs W. and Miss K Oldfield
P.S So pleased to hear about Pikey ( George Pyman has enlisted in the R.A.S.C. – as a lorry – driver -) Jolly good show.
No. 4

Friday Evening.
My dear Mums, Daddy & Jum.
First of all, Thank you so much for the splendid parcel which arrived in perfect condition yesterday afternoon, and everything had travelled excellently. It was really absolutely first – class- the cake looks delicious and I am keeping it for Christmas day, and the pullover is a dashing success, fits very well and is beautifully warm- in fact I am wearing it now. Thank you both very much indeed. Also for the very ‘’sporty’’ braces which are quite the best I’ve ever seen, the socks, chocolate, cigarettes-toffees, drawing things – in fact everything was just what I wanted and was very pleased to get. Thank you all again very much indeed. Also you, mum & daddy for, the brief-case which is absolutely invaluable, but I do think I ought to pay for it myself.
I sent off a small ‘family’ present yesterday so hope you may have got it by the time you read this. I don’t know whether it will be of any use and it seems really rather a poorish sort of present but the best I could find in a very brief visit to the town. It might come in handy at the Point to Point I think. I have just got
Half a dozen handkerchiefs from York House which are very nice and most useful, and Margaret Lewis sent me a book by Bateman in a box with a picture exactly like Badger – which was very sweet of her.
This must only be a short letter, I’m afraid and it’s almost time for dinner, but I feel I must write and let you know Pig Boy’s hamper had perched up safe and sound.
On Sunday, the G.W.Chief (and wife) and I are visiting the Brigade and then the Regiment and so at long last I shall see Robert at Bde, and Derry & Ronnie with the Regiment am looking forward to it. Yesterday, the General and I had lunch – The most terrific one – with general borug (a French General who was attached to H.M (the King) for the whole of the tour) and his A.R.C. oysters, champagne and everything else.
Before I forget there are one or two things I would like sent out if you can manage it – my Green fore raft, my sheepskin waistcoat, & I wonder if you could buy me a Wodehouse omnibus and get it from my act, I’m sorry to keep bothering you.
Re. the horse. Coper, Jum. I thought you would remember – we met him at the bridge that Friday with the General, but it doesn’t really matter. Well, my dear, I must stop. Will write to- morrow and answer all your letters properly – Thank you again – all of you very much indeed for the parcel, and all the little ‘’dawgs’’ for their Christmas card.
My love and a happy Christmas, Yours ever, Johnnie J.B.Oldfield