Oldfield letter: 20.7.42

MRS. V.E. OLDFIELD.                           CAPT. J.B. OLDFIELD.
SANDSEND.                                          P.G.N.35 PM.3400

Letter No.6. 20. July 42

My dearest Mum, Daddy & Jumbo – I will try this week to make my letter not a “gimme” one except for one or two lines. Can you please arrange for a regular supply of tobacco and cigs to be sent twice a month and to total 1 lb tobacco and 300 cigs each month – to be paid from my account and bought from Harrods or somewhere out of bond. Quite cheap I believe that way. Chocolate parcels may be sent ad lib also. Clothes – (please cancel my tweed jacket – if sent don’t worry – ) Corduroys and sweater I should like very much and anything arm in time for winter also a couple of coloured stocks if poss. There that’s all ! Next week I’ll try not to mention the subject. I am feeling very fit and am quite settled in in my new quarters with John Fane, Daybell and Ward and manage quite well, we are all in a 14th Century Carthusian monastery and live rather like studies at school- in fact everything is rather like school all over again, with a feast when red X parcels come. Am using my enforced leisure by drawing and am going to attend agricultural classes when they start. I miss your letters v. much and am looking forward to getting them soon, they take anything from 2 to 6 weeks from England. Please send photographs and ask everyone to write look after yourselves and don’t worry.

All love Johnnie.