Oldfield letter: 19.4.40


5th Division,
April 19 40
My dear Mum, Daddy and Jum,
This is just a line before I turn in to thank you all so much for your letters this morning, it was good to hear from you again and to know what you’ve been at since I left, and I’ll write a proper letter to-morrow and try and answer each of your letters separately, by this time you should have had one or two from me.
So glad the hunt meeting was a success and it will be a great relief to you all and everyone else who wanted to see it kept going, also about the pony and trap – mum you’re a proper jockey and I hope you’ll have got it all fixed up so that we may drive home in it after our party in London on my leave – whenever it may be.
Jum darling, I’ll write to you tomorrow and tell you all about what you said in your letter to-day. I’m terribly sorry it’s made you so miserable. Anyway I’ll write and let you know everything tomorrow.
Sorry dears about this letter but am writing it in my room on my knee.
My fondest love to you all and will set a long letter off tomorrow –
J .B .Oldfield