Oldfield letter: 19.1.40

On Active Service
Mrs. V.E. Oldfield,
Sandsend.                            Headquarters
Nr. Whitby,                            5th Division
Yorks.                                   B.E.F
Jan. 19th. 40.

My dear Mum, Daddy and Jum,
Thank you so very much for the large parcel of knitted comforts – all of them particularly welcome and at the moment I’m wearing as many as it’s physically possible to carry – and then some. They really are a great comfort and it’s very good of you to keep sending me things. I would have written sooner but what with the flap and one thing and another this week has been one of the busier ones. It’s still perishing cold here – in spite of what the B.B.C. may say, and they snow is still lying as hard as nails, and the roads are the very devil. And it keeps on freezing. So when were wrapped up for going out we look barely human.

[page 2] As far as I’m concerned the steel – helmet is not the fashion as yet – but one never knows when it may be, and I understand it’s one of the coming fashions- so I’m sure they head – piece and Balaklava will be most welcome then.

I was also at the fashionable place where Ronnie went and spent a night there – but I can tell you at this time of year it’s not what it’s cracked up to be at all, and was about as parky a place as I’ve ever been in.

Last night I went to a Jack Buchannon show which really was very good indeed and two or three very pretty gels there. The place was packed and the whole show went with a bang and altogether made a very welcome change.

This morning the C – in – C visited us and I spent a very cold couple of hours waiting about before he arrived – as the roads had been nearly

[page 3] Impossible, I believe.
The Brigadier and Colonel Walsh sound very nice – I gather they will be the ones who we saw at the football match. I wonder what Colonel W. thought of Bruiser – not quite his class, I don’t suppose. Very glad Jill is running about again and hope she’ll soon be herself again, and that all the other little dowgs are well.

As far as what we wear is concerned Daddy, it’s either battle – dress or breeches and putties – depending on whether we’re going out into the country or not. Personally, I don’t reckon such a great deal to it and it’s nothing like as warm as the ordinary kit.

The tobacco is excellent and is in very good condition, I think I did write to thank you for it, didn’t I ?
Afraid there’s no more news – Thank you again very much my dears,
With much Love,
Yrs ever