Oldfield letter: 18.4.40


5th Division,
April, 18th 40
My dear mummy, Daddy and Jum.
I have just got back from a Gracie Fields concert in the Forum, and the mess went, General, Ram, Uncle John Cobley an’ all out of mess profits. Very good it was too and Slinken Mundoew was there as well as Gracie.
I still haven’t heard from any off you yet but expect and hope that I may tomorrow. I nipped round yesterday to see Derry and Ronnie, who both sent you their best love – also Robert.
I couldn’t stay for long though enjoyed seeing them again very much. Derry asked me to ask you to write to his mother, and I was to tell you that you might not hear from him for a few days, though he will write as soon as he can. Poor little fellow, he seems terribly fond of your Jim and kept asking whether you had said anything while I was on leave. Paul Jessam was awfully pleased about his petrol coupon and thought it was a great effort.
Darlings, I’m afraid I can’t write anymore to-night. By the way Danny says he has lost another pair of gloves (!) so I have given him mine, though he’ll almost loose himself in them. I have another pair with me.
Fondest love to you all,
Yours ever,