Oldfield letter 16.11.42

SANDSEND.                                                                     OLDFIELD
NR. WHITBY.                                                                    JOHN BRITON
YORKS ENGLAND.                                                            CAPTAIN
Letter no. 23.                                                                   16 Nov. 42.

My dearest Mum, daddy & Jumbo – Many thanks for yr. letters o’snaps of the you ‘un on his ‘oss scoffing his ale – simply topping of you both. Photographs come though as quickly as letters, so please send some more of you all, I liked yr. story of the ruptured camel Daddy – v. clever. Yr. cable date Aug 16 arrived Nov. 15 for wh. many thanks. Had a letter this week from Frank de Rougemount – I have written three times to thank him but they don’t seem to have arrived. I wonder if you could write and ask them to send me my suit of service dress which I left with them for cleaning – yr. letters to them are much quicker and more certain than mine.

By the way, don’t be afraid that you are writing too much – you aren’t – one letter per person (censored) the form and welcome they are. Hope by now (censored) you are arriving – I have written each week – and you have some sort of idea of my wants, Corduroys are allowed – Paints though Windsor & Newton – 2 pipes – 1 furlined bedroom slippers – balaclava helmet – Black Passé Par tout – Collars – hankies – stocks etc. The many coloured rug sounds magnificent and am v. much looking forward to it. As yet no parcels have arrived but I am “expecting”! This was not meant to be a “Gimme” letter but to send you all my love & best wishes for xmas and New Year – Next year I mean to be with you- Johnnie