Oldfield letter: 15.6.42

Mrs V.E. Oldfield
Sandsend.                                             Oldfield.J.B. Capt
Nr. Whitby                                              P.G. 75 PM 3450
Yorks. ENGLAND                                   ITALY
15. 6 . 42. (reached home on 20 Nov)
No. 1.

My dearest Mum and Daddy.

As you will see from this the last of the Oldfields is in the bag – having fallen foul of the Panzers on the 2nd June. I am perfectly fit and well and you are not to worry about me. I hope you will already have had some news by the time you receive this. As far as I can make out we are allowed to write one of these and P.C. each week, but inward mail to us is not rationed. The best thing you can do – and what I would like you to do – is to get in touch with the Red Cross straightaway and find out exactly what the form is – as far as parcels and letters are concerned, as there are certain things I need, such as corduroy trousers, thin pyjamas, a shirt, socks, tweed jacket and silk scarf – but please do not send them until I give you the word. I think you will find all of the above amongst my kit, this is not likely to be my permanent address which I will send to you at the earliest “opportunity”, but in the meantime I think it is worth chancing letters or cards – but NOT parcels or anything important. I am sorry this has happened but am fit and well and you are not to worry. Godbless you all and all my fondest love.