Oldfield letter: 14.7.42

1997-37-7-5-56:  This letter is not from John.  It is from General Franklyn to Mr and Mrs Oldfield, John’s parents.

British troops in Northern Ireland

14. 7 . 42

Oldfield Esq.
Nr Whitby
Dear Mr. Oldfield,
I am sorry to hear that John is a prisoner of war, only the other day I got a delayed letter from him that said that he had gone to his staff college & so missed the trouble into which his Brigade tumbled. I should like to write to him & wonder if you would let me have his address, when you know it.

John did me very well when he was my A to C we went through some hectic times together in France. He is a proud boy. I had hoped that

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after a period of Rgt. duty, he would have got on to the Staff : this presumably would have happened if it had not been for an accident with an Italian bomb.

One consolation to you Mrs. Oldfield must be that it might have been worse: but it is hard luck on such a keen soldier.
Yours sincerely
H. Franklyn