Oldfield letter: 12.12.41

The transcript which follows may include abbreviations or spelling inconsistencies and errors. We have chosen to transcribe the letters as they appear so that they are an accurate reflection of John Oldfield’s style and personality. We have also included his original page numbering. Where language is used that we would deem offensive, those words have been replaced with XXX.

No 28 Capt JB Oldfield
‘’C’’ Company
5th Bn. The Green Howards
Middle East Forces
Dec. 12.41

My dear Mum & Daddy,
Just a line to let you know that I am very fit and still enjoying life- have not heard from you just lately but mail is starting to trickle through again so hope to get one or two v.soon, as I know you’ll have written. I have heard that the silk stockings and few snaps that I sent have arrived so I expect you will have got yours by now too. I hope so.
We are back in the sand


again and move about pretty regularly- but sand is much the same everywhere so moves don’t make all that much difference. There have been a few dust storms lately which are a bit of a b. and there’s not much you can do about them except sit down and humour yr. way out when they subside. By the time you have de-sanded yourself and your belongings the next one starts and so it goes on.

Am very anxious to hear of Jumbo and her Bun and am waiting for a cable with the news-I expect to hear any day now. I am also expecting to get your parcel you sent off, Freddie Lax got one yesterday

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which was posted about a week before yours so it should be arriving within the next few days. By the way, you asked me to let you know if I wanted anything in particular, I would really appreciate a pipe or two, the couple or so I brought out have just about been bitten through by now and a real nice pipe would be simply grand if you could get me one. I hope you don’t mind my asking!
Stunning times we live in – the whole world at war- or all that matters of it- what a bloody mess, isn’t it?

For the first time since we started I really feel we have at last turned a corner. I don’t think the old Hun is quite so happy anywhere now. God bless and my love to you both.
JBOldfield Johnnie x

W.A Oldfield
Near Whitby