National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is today – Thursday 6 October.

This year’s theme is ‘the environment’ and visitors to our current special exhibition, Created in Conflict will have read Yorkshire Regiment soldier, JS Purvis’ poem ‘High Wood’ at the entrance to the exhibition.

battlefield sketchWith goosebump-inducing foresight, the poem looks ahead to a time of battlefield tourism, where groups maraud across the countryside that Purvis is witnessing as an open grave during the First World War. He knows that the reality of the environment he is living and fighting in will be very different to that experienced by people in the future; their desire to visit the battlefields capitalised on by the authorities who helpfully point out the café and gift shop facilities.

“The ground, which was secured at great expense,

The Company keeps absolutely untouched,

And in that dug-out (genuine) we provide,

Refreshments at a reasonable rate.”

Another of Purvis’ poems, ‘Chance Memory’ has inspired us to develop a creative writing session available to schools and creative writing enthusiasts. Take a look at the ‘I can’t forget’ workshop flier and get in touch if you would like to book a group visit.

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