William Britts

Medals awarded

  • Crimea Medal 1854-6
  • Clasps: Alma, Inkerman, Balaclava
  • Turkish Crimea Medal 1855-1856
  • Médaille Militaire (France)

Colour Sergeant William John Britts 2471 was awarded the Médaille Militaire, one of just nine members of the regiment who were awarded this medal during the Crimean War.

He served during the whole of the campaign, and was present at two of the main battles in which the regiment fought – Alma and Inkerman, as well as the Siege of Sebastopol. His experience by the end of the campaign would have been invaluable.

He was never absent from his duty because of sickness or any other cause.

He was Mentioned in Despatches, having distinguished himself in repulsing a sortie made by Russian forces on the night of 22nd March 1855. This occurred during a period of the campaign where the Allies were increasingly disagreeing over policy; taking advantage of this, the Russians under Major General Totleben strengthened the defences around Sebastopol with almost nightly raids on the Allied trenches, targeting the morale of the Allied troops.