Peter Fox

Medals awarded

  • Distinguished Service Order
  • India General Service Medal
    Clasp: North West Frontier 1937-39
  • 1939-45 Star
  • Africa Star 1940-43
  • Defence Medal 1939-45
  • War Medal 1939-45

Medals are shown left to right, as per the bullet point list above.

Peter D H Fox (pictured as a 2nd Lieutenant, seated front centre in 1937) joined the 5th Battalion early in 1942.

Major Fox was awarded the Distinguished Service Order in recognistion of his actions during the Battle of Gazala.

On 30 May 1942 an attack developed in front of ‘D’ Company. Two sections of personnel carriers were placed under his command and he set off in a circuit of the company’s position, with the object of engaging any enemy who had penetrated the minefield. On the way round he saw a company of the enemy infiltrating through the minefield, and without hesitation charged across the minefield into the middle of them. Despite heavy firing, Major Fox swept through the enemy, and firing with his pistol, the Bren guns and grenades, he completely repulsed this attack.

Unfortunately, on his return journey, his carrier hit a mine and caught fire, and Major Fox and his Sergeant, both badly wounded, were taken priosner. His dashing attack had, however, been a complete success, and no further effort was made by the enemy on this sector of the front for the next 48 hours.

While in hospital in Italy, Peter Fox, now a Prisoner of War, showed commendable courage, cheerfulness and self-control. The Senior British Medical Officer at the hospital remarked that his behaviour and bearing were quite outstanding. The spirit which he displayed not only helped in effecting his own recovery but also acted as a stirring example to other wounded prisoners of war and medical staff. He was held at Ospedale Militare Caserta, Naples until he was repatriated.

Major Peter Fox died in 1991.