Norman Brayshaw

Medals awarded

  • 1939-45 Star
  • Burma Star
  • Defence Medal 1939-45
  • War Medal 1939-45

Medals are shown left to right, as per the bullet point list above.

Norman Brayshaw served with the Duke of Wellington Regiment from 1940 and transferred to the Green Howards in 1944.

Pictured wearing his uniform with medal ribbons and taken in September 1945 this photograph was sent ‘to my darling wife, with all my love, yours Norman.’

In April 1945 Corporal Brayshaw and the 2nd Battalion, Green Howards were under the command of 4th (West African) Infantry Brigade and serving in Burma.

He was one of 47 Corporals in the Battalion at this time but it was significantly under strength as the regiment’s war diary noted it needed a further 22 to bring it up to establishment levels.

On the 2nd April the war diary also recorded that the Battalion was targeted by Japanese 75mm guns and Light Machine Guns. It suffered one officer killed, Lieutenant Evans, three ‘other ranks’ killed and five wounded; one of whom was Corporal Brayshaw.

The museum archive contains the telegram sent to Norman’s wife advising her of his wounding.

He recovered and was transferred to the Army Reserve 26th March 1946.

Norman’s medals were donated, along with a variety of photographs and paperwork relating to his service in May 2017.