Maver Jackson

Medals awarded

  • Distinguished Service Order
  • India General Service Medal
    Clasp: North West Frontier 1938-39
  • 1939-45 Star
  • Africa Star 1940-43
  • War Medal 1939-45

Medals are shown left to right, as per the bullet point list above.

Maver Lyall Palmer Jackson was born on the 13 July 1904 in Cheltenham.

He rose steadily through the ranks and, becoming a Lieutenant on 3 September 1927. He had also served in the Durham Light Infantry before being transferred to take over the 8th Battalion of the Green Howards.

Acting Lieutenant Colonel Jackson saw action at the Battle of El Alamein between the 27 May and 14 June 1942, when he successfully commanded his battalion and drove off all enemy attacks on his outposts. Owing to his skill and determination, this defence made the safe withdrawal of the remainder of the Brigade possible. Lt Col Jackson was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his gallantry.

As well as a courageous soldier, he was also a keen sportsman.  The museum holds some of his medals for boxing and cricket.  He was also a keen rugby player.

Jackson had married Joan Carnegie in 1936 in Bombay, India. He was killed in action at the Battle of Mareth in Tunisia on 20 March 1943 whilst commanding a Battalion in the 50th Division. He is remembered at the SFAX War Cemetery in Tunisia.

Jackson’s obituary in the Green Howards Gazette stated his death was ‘a grave loss to the Regiment. His gallantry and complete disregard for his own safety was an inspiration to all’ and ‘he was killed when really doing more than his duty’.