Robert Warden

Medals awarded

  • Crimea Medal 1854-6
    Clasp: Alma
    Clasp: Inkerman
    Clasp: Sebastopol
  • Legion D’Honneur (France)
  • Order of Medjidie (Turkey)
  • Silver Medal of Military Valour (Sardinia)
  • Turkish Crimea Medal (Sardinia issue)
  • Companion of the Bath

Robert Warden served with the 19th Regiment from 1841 until his retirement in 1868 as Lieutenant-Colonel of the Regiment’s 2nd Battalion. An early record shows him performing in the Regimental Amateur Dramatics Company. He was badly wounded leading 8th (Light) Company at the Battle of Alma from cannister fire (small metal balls closely packed in a cylinder case) from the Russian cannons but was successfully treated by Regimental doctor, Surgeon Thomas Longmore and was present at Inkerman to lead the Light Company only six weeks later. Mentioned in Despatches, he was also wounded in the trenches on 24th August and in the assault on the Redan, 8th September 1855.

He was described by Major Foster thus: ‘A Scot, honourable and true as steel, tall and spare, reserved and silent for the most part – one who by the mesmeric influence of his nature drew men to him as steel filings to a magnet.’

Warden was one of only eight individuals from the Regiment to receive the Legion D’Honneur, along with Henry McGee (also in the collection). In total, seven hundred and forty-six members of the British armed forces received the Legion D’Honneur during the Crimean War.

Warden died in June 1890, aged 68 years old.