John Adams

Medals awarded

  • Egypt Medal
  • Khedive Star

Medals are shown left to right, as per the bullet point list above.

John Robert Adams joined the Green Howards on the 29th of June 1881 aged 18 years. He enlisted for seven years regular service and five years with the reserve.

Adams has the distinction of having the lowest regimental number of any soldier in the museum’s archive, despite the fact that soldiers had been numbered since the 1820’s. John Adams is number 3. This is because he joined the regiment in June 1881 just when a new numbering system had been introduced, caused by a major re-organisation of the Army.

After initial training at the Regimental Depot from August 1881 until December 1881 he was posted to the 2nd Battalion serving in Belfast. He was drafted to the 1st Battalion serving in Halifax, Nova Scotia and remained with the 1st battalion for the duration of his Regular service.

He also served in Malta and Eqypt. During his service in Eqypt he was involved in the Battle of Ginnis (Dec 30th 1885), against the Mahdist force attempting to invade Egypt. Ginnis is widely accepted as being the last occasion in which British soldiers wore their traditional scarlet tunics into battle.

John returned to England at the end of his service and was discharged to the reserve at Gosport, aged 24, in August 1887. He married Henrietta Walker at Thorne, Yorkshire in May 1920, and died, aged 72, in December 1933.