George Ross

Medals awarded

  • India Medal 1895-1902

clasps: Tirah 1897-98, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Samana 1897

This image shows George clearly wearing his India medal, which we have in the museum collection, plus another unidentified medal.

George Ross joined the regiment in April 1888, served during the Tirah campaign and retired after 21 years’ service.

An expert marksman, George won many trophies and medals (some of which you can see proudly pinned on his right chest), including Queen Victoria’s Cup which came with a prize of £50.

In December 1914, aged 47, he left his employer at the time, the Indian Railway Service, sailed for  England and enlisted. His role was to help recruit men into the Middlesex Regiment.

After the war George returned to India and went back to his job with the Indian railways.

In 1925 he tried, unsuccessfully, to re-enlist in the equivalent of the Indian Territorial Army.

He indignantly recalled, “Although I had gone to pension from both old and new Army, I never missed a day from 1888 to 1924…. When I came to Karachi, I tried to join them and they had the cheek to tell me I was too old, because I am 68 next birthday!”