George Ades

Medals awarded

  • Crimea Medal 1854-6
    Clasp: Alma
    Clasp: Inkerman
    Clasp: Balaklava
  • Turkish Crimea Medal

George Ades served as a drummer during his twenty three years of service, twelve of which were served abroad in North America, the Crimea and India.

Born around 1827 in Battle, Sussex, he enlisted in 1843 whilst living in Kent.

He was discharged in 1866, aged 39 years, after being judged unfit for future service, his records stating he was ‘worn out’.

His conduct was recorded as very good and he had four Good Conduct Badges. However, Ades’ name had also been entered 38 times in the Regimental Defaulters Book.

In the Crimea, he served in 8 (Light) Company under Captain Robert Warden and was in one of the three companies which fought at Inkerman under Major McGee (whose medals are also in the museum collection).

Ades was one of ten regimental drummers present at the storming of the Great Redan, along with just over 400 of his comrades. He was promoted to Corporal in 1859.

Occasionally, over time, some medal groups are broken up. In this case, the medals that have been donated to the museum do not include all of the medals awarded to George Ades.