Fred Neesam

Medals awarded

  • Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Military Medal
  • 1914-1915 Star
  • British War Medal 1914-1920
  • Victory Medal 1914-1919
  • St George’s Medal (4th Class) – Russia

Medals are shown left to right, as per the bullet point list above.

Fred Neesam joined the Green Howards in 1903 and served in France during the First World War.

He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for leading his company in an attack, despite being wounded twice. In 1918 Fred volunteered for service in Russia where the allies were supporting the White Russian forces against the Bolsheviks. In Russia Fred went on a mission from Archangel to Siberia and back, a journey of more than 2000 miles in winter, for which he was awarded the Russian Order of St. George. It was not until he got back to Archangel in June 1919 that he learnt that the war was over.

When recounting some of his time in Russia, Fred was once quoted as saying:

I was offered a Commission if I would lead a platoon of White Russians up the line. I refused; I didn’t want to end up in some ditch with my throat cut!