Benny Rowell

Medals awarded

  • 1939-1945 Star
  • Africa Star 1940-1943
  • Italy Star 1943-1945
  • France and Germany Star 1944-1945
  • Defence Medal 1939-1945
  • War Medal 1939-1945
  • General Service Medal 1918-1962
  • Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal 1953
  • Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

Medals are shown left to right, as per the bullet point list above.

‘Benny’ Rowell joined the Green Howards in April 1925 and served with the Shanghai Defence Force during 1927-28 when members of the Green Howards helped support the local police force in the wake of the anti-Imperial riots.

He went on to serve in what was then Palestine in the late 1930s before seeing action in all major theatres of operations at the time, other than Burma.

By July 1953 Benny Rowell was a Sergeant with the regiment’s 2nd Battalion in Egypt.

Dads and lads. Benny with his two sons on the right, with ‘Lofty’ Peacock and his two sons on the left.

Benny left the regiment in 1958 after 33 years’ service with the Green Howards.