Ames Goren

Medals awarded

  • Crimea Medal 1854-6 with two clasps
    Clasp: Inkerman
    Clasp: Sebastopol
  • Turkish Crimea Medal
  • Imperial Order of Medjidie (Turkey) 5th Class

Medals are shown left to right, as per the bullet point list above.

One of only eight officers from the regiment awarded the Imperial Order of Mejidie 5th Class, Lieutenant Goren was present at Inkerman and Sebastopol.

One letter writer noted, “I have heard that Mr Goren is wounded slightly… A first-rate soldier…, the men would do anything for him, or go any place with him, for he fears nothing. [H]e would put his cap on his sword and draw the Russians’ attention to it till they would commence to fire at it, to let our fellows see what hole they would put their head out of till they would have a shot at them.”

In the attack on the Redan in which Goren was badly injured, Major Rooke wrote, “The failure of our attack on the Redan must be attributed mainly to the old thing, ‘mismanagement’…. Over this distance [284 yards] our men had to advance under a crushing fire of canister, grape and musketry… Young, Massy and Goren are still in a precarious state…”

Goren retired in 1869 and died in Brighton in 1910.