Medal Room visitors

It’s been an emotional week in our Medal Room.

Always a place to stir the heart, this area of the museum has a unique atmosphere, with visitors regularly feeding back on its ‘wow’ factor. With more than 4000 medals on display, each representing a soldier’s individual story, it’s no surprise that it’s a special space.

We welcomed a new set of medals into the collection. Sue Metcalfe, from Toronto, brought us the medal group belonging to her father, Robert (Bob) William Metcalfe.

Originally from Richmond, Bob served with the regiment during World War II during the evacuation from Dunkirk, the North African campaign and Sicily. While in Sicily Bob met Lieutenant Helen Porter, a physiotherapist in the Canadian Medical Corps. They married on 28 October 1944 in Jesi, Italy. Bob was attached to the US Army and volunteered for post-war military duty in Jamaica before moving to Canada with Helen in 1948. In civilian life, Bob was a keen volunteer and fundraiser for veterans organisations, the Gurkha Welfare Appeal and Royal Canadian Legion. He was honoured to be featured on the Canadian $10 bill and is commemorated with Helen in a Canadian Veterans’ Cemetery.

image of two people holding the Metcalfe medal group.

Sue, right, with Head of Collections, Zoe Utley.

There are ten medals in the group

  • The Order of St. John
  • 1939-1945 Star
  • Africa Star with 8th Army clasp
  • Italy Star
  • Defence Medal
  • War Medal 1939-1945 with Mentioned in Despatches oakleaf
  • Coronation Medal 1953
  • Canada 125th Anniversary of Confederation Medal 1992
  • Canada Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
  • Efficiency Decoration
  • European Federation of War Veterans Medal

image of visitors looking at a Victoria Cross touch screen.Jo Beaver (pictured left) is the great grand niece of Private Henry Tandey. Henry Tandey was the most decorated Private soldier of the First World War. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Military Medal. He was also Mentioned in Despatches.  Jo, and her partner Andy McNeilage visited the museum to find out more about Henry’s time in the regiment.

But you really don’t have to have a family connection to experience the awe inspiring atmosphere of our Medal Room. Just immerse yourself in the special atmosphere as part of your museum visit.