Great Escapes

Our new special exhibition is running now! Make sure you catch it soon.

Taking up the whole of the ground floor gallery space, the new exhibition looks at the plight of captured soldiers during the Second World War and highlights how luck, determination, bravado and the kindness of strangers can have a significant impact on the fate of a PoW determined to be free.

“Great Escapes is another fabulous offering for visitors to the museum,” explains Director and Curator, Lynda Powell. “We want people to put themselves in the shoes of a captured soldier and really think about what they might have done under the same circumstances. We are lucky enough to have the benefit of historical hindsight to know how things turned out, but these men were living in the moment – continually having to risk assess whether or not that longed for break for freedom would be worth it.”

Visitors will also be encouraged to try to make their own luck with the purchase of a Grand Draw ticket – helping raise funds for the museum in its 50th year, as well as joining in with some special Great Escapes related events, including a private exhibition viewing and a screening of a certain famous film; celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.