D Day

Today is D Day. The day in 1944 when Allied forces, including soldiers from The Green Howards, invaded mainland Europe in an amphibious landing on the shores of Normandy.

Learn more about that day here.

Visit the museum to see the only Victoria Cross awarded on D Day, to CSM Stanley Hollis, part of our permanent Medal Room VC display.

Read more about a less well-known hero of the D Day landings, Reverend Lovegrove, here.

Hundreds of soldiers from the regiment experienced the beach landings and intense fighting through the countryside in the days that followed.  In 2014, surviving veterans were honoured by the French government for their involvement in the events of 70 years before. One of them was George Berry

image of Boyle's gravestoneMany of those who died during the invasion are buried in Bayeux War Cemetery. One of them is Sandy Boyle.

Find out more about him, and read the poem he wrote just after the landings.

The 6th June is also the day in 2006 when the modern Yorkshire Regiment was formed; amalgamating the Green Howards, the Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire and the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.