Added extras

You can now get even more information and insight into the history of The Green Howards during your museum visit, thanks to our new QR trail.

There are currently 12 of the codes placed in the galleries. Simply scan the codes with your phone’s camera or QR scanner app to link to additional content about the object in front of you.

Scanning the codes unlocks access to audio clips, handy additional facts, secret clues, videos and personal profiles of some of the soldiers who served with the regiment.

“Having the codes means visitors can access more information if they want to, without filling the gallery space with lots and lots of text and labels, which could detract from the objects themselves,” explains Admissions Assistant, Neil Duncan, who implemented the trail.

“Lots of our objects have fascinating stories connected to them, so this is a great way of sharing those with people.”

The museum team will add more codes as interesting features or additional information relating to the museum’s extensive collection crop up during the course of their work.