The Second World War: Fighting Fascism

Developing a knowledge of the principal events of World War Two and identifying key turning points in the conflict.
• Learn about key events in the Second World War through photos and accounts
• Investigate the development of tactics as the war progressed
• Compare events to decide upon key turning points
• Develop an explanation as to why the Allies won World War Two

The Second World War is a huge topic to cover. We help to make the conflict accessible, through the use of real experiences and by selecting key events. While developing a clear chronology, students will be able to make decisions as to when and why victory looked out of reach and how the odds turned in favour of the Allies.

Case studies will be drawn from:  Appeasement, Phoney War, Blitzkrieg, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Eastern Front and the USSR, Pearl Harbour and the USA, North Africa, Italy, D-Day, the road to Berlin
• An overview of Second World War chronology
• Skills of evaluation, judging the significance of historical events and developments
• Improved decision-making skills
• An ability to express, develop and support an opinion