Christmas in the trenches

Exploring and debating the myths and realities of the Christmas ‘truce’ of 1914.
• Investigate the context of the first Christmas of the First World War
• Use first-hand accounts to build an understanding of the Christmas Truce
• Learn about the extent of the ‘truce’ and reactions to it
• Learn why atypical historical events can dominate contemporary perceptions

Resources involved: primary sources of information about what happened on the Western Front in December 1914, the phrase It’ll all be over by Xmas”, Princess Mary’s gift tins, embroidered cards, the Ypres truce, Easter on the Eastern Front, media coverage, Army command reaction.
• An understanding of the different contemporary reactions to the ‘truce’ – both negative and positive
• An appreciation of different perspectives on the ‘truce’ over time and of how and why views have changed
• Developed reasoning and discussion skills to explain student views on the significance of the ‘truce’