Changes through time

Understanding change and continuity with reference to a specified themed study over time.  Choose from: uniforms or weaponry.
• Look at a wide range of artefacts from the whole history of the Green Howards
• Use these objects to identify similarities and differences over time
• Using historical context attempt to explain why some things change and some things stay the same
• Make judgements about which changes have been of most significance

It is often said that war speeds up development and is a catalyst for change. We will investigate just how true that assertion is.

Theme: weaponry.  The effect of changes over time on attack and defence. Strengths and weaknesses of weaponry and effect on tactics. Technological change from the front loading musket (with a range of 70 metres) through to RPG (a range of 920 metres). Tactical change using as an example, the Battle of Ginnis to total warfare such as Blitzkreig.

Theme: uniforms.  The effect of changes over time on uniform.  The British Army ‘Redcoats’.  Types of uniform from officers to the ordinary ranks. Changes in identity identity, safety, materials and the changing role of the uniformed services, such as UN and NATO.

• The ability to track and explain changes over time
• Knowledge of examples of cause and consequence, change and continuity – enabling students to make connections and analyse trends
• A better understanding of weapons, tactics and uniforms at different points in time.