Oldfield letter: ‘call this 1’

Dear mum, Daddy & jum.
We got our first batch of letters from home late last night – one dated 3rd Dec in a green envelope from M. -Daddy one posted 5th. From mum and one from mum the same day and smiths letter posted on 6th. I was proud to hear all your news and I will try and get a letter off to-night – this is just to let you know your letters arrived. By the way, it’s Oldfield esq. is quite right, then Headquarters, 5th Division, B.E.F. France – this will reach me now.
Am very busy doing all sorts of jobs but will tell you all about everything to-night. I hope by now you will have got my last letter. A good idea from now on is to give each letter a serial number so that I can see whether any have gone astray. I will do the same and call this 1.
Must fly dears – as I want to send this off this morning.
Will write to-night.
All love
J B Oldfield