History Of The Green Howards (paperback)

Paperback edition of Green Howards history book.

Raised in 1688 as "Colonel Lutrells Regiment of Foot" in response to the supplanting of King James 11 by William Of Orange, there began three centuries of service to the nation with the Regiment becoming one of the finest in the British Army. Created initially in response to a call for loyal troops, the Green Howards have continued to maintain their tradition of loyalty in many campaigns to win superb battle honours, and hence the narrative reflects the British Army in some of its finest episodes: participation in the French Wars of 1697-1793, the American War of Independence, Crimean War, First and Second World Wars and continuing with service in Suez, Malaya, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo, and most recently in Afghanistan, gives the Green Howards an enviable military record.


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