D-Day Hero – CSM Stanley Hollis V.C

An exclusive biography of D-Days only VC winner, Green Howard Company Sergeant Major Stanley Hollis, was, uniquely, twice recommended for this coveted award on 6th June 1944. A tough Teesside, working class rebel, Hollis was no model soldier, earlier in the war he was forever being busted for various misdemeanours.

However, few soldiers saw more close-quarter action than Stanley Hollis, who killed over 100 enemy soldiers in combat during the Second World War, serving at Dunkirk, in the Western Desert and in Sicily. It was on D-Day that Hollis created history with his inimitable brand of raw courage, being involved in two blistering VC actions. On Gold Beach he single-handedly stormed a hidden German pillbox, saving his company from certain destruction. Later that day, he saved the lives of two more comrades, trapped by heavy enemy gunfire. He was undoubtedly a D-Day hero.



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